Mathematics Specialist

This is the page for Mr Prideaux’s Mathematics Specialist classes.


Year 11

Year 12


Important: The investigations below are as done in 2018. Investigations for 2019 may have some similarities but students should expect them to be different from those below. You should refer to details on SEQTA.

Investigation 1

For Investigation 1 you will need to select one of the following to investigate.

If you choose to investigate the Mandelbrot Set, and you use a Mac computer, you may find this file useful: recursive-complex-gcx. The file should open in the Mac Grapher application and can be used to plot graphs for recursively defined complex number relationships. IF you use this, you should make sure you can explain how the graphs are obtained and what they mean.

You should refer to the document What is a mathematical investigation, as well as the Investigation 1 Marking Rubric.

You will be required to present your work to the class at the time specified on the program. The presentation may take whatever form you choose. You must also submit all notes, calculations, tables, etc. that relate to your presentation.

You may, of course, discuss your investigation with others, but the work you present must be distinctively your own.

Investigation 2

Options and marking rubric for Investigation 2 can be found in the documents below.

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